Chin Ramkulh Hluttaw Ihsin Colhter A Si

Chin ramkulh Hluttaw ih Hotu Sang U Aung Than cu a hnatuannak ihsin colhter a si tiah Chin  Hluttaw hruaitu lubik Pu Zo Bawi in a sim tiah thu a leng celcel. Himi thu thawn pehpar aw in Chinlung Today Media thawn an bia aw ih “Cawl ter mi cu a si ko… tlun lam ihsin colhter a si ih ziangah an cawlter ti cu ka thei ve lo ” tin a sim a ti.


Hluttaw Vice-President U Aung Than

U Aung Than colhter ding thu hi February thla Hluttaw to khawm lai ah Hluttaw hotu Pu Zo Bawi in a sim ih Hluttaw MP pawl kan zate kan mangbang theh tiin MP palai Dr. Hmu Thang in a sim. Colhternak thu an than ni ah U Aung Than cu Hluttaw a kai lo.

U Aung Than an colhternak san hi thu felfai ih theih a si lo nan,. NLD party sung ah remawk lonak a um ih an hek aw mi a si ding tiah thu theih a si. NLD party hrang thureltu Dr. Myo Ngut cun “kannih Bahu lam cun  cuvek thu kan thei lo, ziang ca khal a thleng lo” tin a sim.

U Aung Than hi 1990 kum ah NLD hrang Mindat ihsin nasa tak ih ttang tu a si. 2015 election ah Mindat ihsin Hluttaw MP a ngah. Cui hnu-ah Chin ramkulh Hluttaw Hotu Sang (vice president) ah hril a si.


Credit : Khonomthung News; Chin Future; Chinlung Today.


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